Barcelona: A Weekend Guide to Around The City


I knew Barcelona would be unique based on the pictures I had admired over the years, but I never anticipated how much I would actually fall in love with this city. The energy of the crowds, the architecture, the food, the beach, and of course, the shopping are a few reason why I can call this one of my favourite cities in Europe.   


Here's my take on a few things you can't miss in the coastal city , barcelona ...




la boqueria

Mercat de la Boqueria is a place that you can spend hours... that is if you're a food addict like myself.  This is indoor market hall is filled with hundreds of different food stands that is the perfect spot for lunch.

My tip: grab a bite from multiple stands, because everything is pretty much tapas style. 

Playa de la barceloneta 


I know this may sound like the obvious place to go but this is honestly one of my favourite spots because it's more than just a beach. First of all- if you are not prepared with all your beach necessities - they literally have everything down there. I obviously didn't bring beach towels and there are really dope towels being sold all down the beach that you can negotiate for a good price. Also there are people walking around serving drinks if you didn't have time to go buy alcohol. Not to mention there are tons of restaurants along the board walk if you need a quick bite, want to smoke shisha, or need a  break from the heat. These restaurants also turn into clubs at night ( definitely worth checking out). 

The best Sangria and Ceviche in Barcelona

Okay, this is obviously my opinion but I will stand firm by it : Viana is hands down the best spot for fresh ceviche and sangria. Not to mention they also are priced really well for the portion size. 

I am not sure about you but I am really picky with the fruit in my Sangria ... like I am seriously not satisfied if I have soggy fruit in my drink and I feel like a lot of places have soggy fruit because they make really big batches of the Sangria. Well, you won't have that issue at Viana - the fruit is nice and crisp!  

Gediminas and I went here everyday for either lunch or a quick snack while we were in town. Only downside - the restaurant is really small and there is typically a line down the street if you come during prime hours. So I would highly suggest making a reservation. 

Bunkers del carmel 


I have never been so happy to go on a hike before. The bunkers are nestled up on a mountain top giving you panoramic views of Barcelona. Not only is this hike a great workout, but also a lot of people turn this view into the perfect spot of a picnic. If I lived here I would come hike this area every weekend!